Enjoy absolute privacy with breathtaking views


A luxury wellness area of 56m2 equipped with a high-quality hot tub and sauna, a cooling bucket from Aquamarine Spa, a shower and a separate toilet, a washing corner and a relaxation area with two sunbeds, towels for the wellness area and bathrobes for women and men, luxury L'occitane cosmetics and beautiful a refreshing wellness fragrance from the Aria Pura company, that will enhance the entire relaxation experience.

Whirlpool with 56 massage jets adapted for sitting and body hydromassage, water temperature 36-40 °C. The hot tub is permanently heated and cleaned, with a capacity for 3-4 people. The stay in the hot tub is not limited in any way, but for healthy use it should not exceed 30 minutes.

The sauna with LED lighting and lined with wood is available for 4 people. Inside the sauna you can find a heating stove with hot stones, which are sprinkled with water from time to time so that the generated steam increases the humidity of the air for a while. It is relatively small in the sauna, a few tens of percent. Warming the body above normal body temperature is pleasant and relaxing. The sauna relaxes tired muscles and calms the stressed brain. The rapid heating and cooling of the body is repeated several times. A properly heated sauna should be at 80°C to 120°C.

The cooling cascade shower spout is used after a sauna for a warmed-up body that needs to be cooled down after the sauna. Cooling cascade shower spout are one of the most popular ways to cool off after a sauna.